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Our search for balance

In late Spring 2020, we were thirsty. Our local quest for a refreshing ready-to-drink margarita and paloma was inspired by the desire for a little tropical escape in the midst of what was, as for many, a challenging season staying close to home. The only options we found locally were nothing like the real thing at all - full of sugar and artificial flavours, without that thirst-quenching crispness or premium ingredients.

It dawned on us that we weren't alone. Other margarita and paloma lovers were in the same situation - and we could satisfy our own cravings by crafting and sharing something totally unique! The Olé Cocktail Co. was born from this quest, and a year-long adventure in perfecting our recipes.

Our cocktails are made with perfectly balanced ingredients: premium quality blue weber agave tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, real lime, grapefruit, mango peach, or orange juice, organic agave nectar, and a delectable pinch of sea salt. Infinitely crushable, with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, and lower sugar than any other option available. Our four flavours have a crisp, clean finish and a light sparkle. We invite you to give them a try, and let us know what you think!

Check our 'Where to Buy' page to find a retail location near you, and if you don't see your favourite local on our list, please ask for us by name so we can be in a store near you when you're feeling thirsty too.


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